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GIMP101 - Using Free Art Software

Integrating Language Arts and Visual Art
Math in Art - 1 Week Class
History in Art - 1 Week Class
Using Adobe Photoshop CS4 COMING SOON
GIMP101 - Using Free Art Software
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Learn to create artwork that will entrance your students using Gimp.

Gimp is a free program that is like a cross between Corel Paint, Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop, except for one small difference – it’s totally free. Once you learn how to use it, it can be loaded on all of the computers in the computer lab for free, and students can download it at home to work with. This is a class that all art teachers should take because this is the type of artwork that is used in book production, greeting card and poster production, advertising, photography, magazines and video games. This is the direction that jobs in art are working toward. We need to prepare our students to work towards the jobs that will be available in the future, and this is one easy way to do it. Gimp is easy to work with, and does not require any pre-requisite learning. This class is a studio class, so you will be creating your own digital art.

If your district approves this art class, it will be 40 contact hours.

The cost is $50.

We must have at least 20 students to teach the class.

Class dates:

GIMP 101 session 1  class dates will be 6/27/09 – 8/21/09.

GIMP 101 session 2  class dates will be 8/31/09 – 9/25/09.


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